The Hive



Thehive is



new connections and

new ideas.

Thehive is the only Entrepreneur Incubator in Cambridge, committed not to a specific industry target but rather small business start-ups from any industry sector. It has been created by the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce to champion the cause of economic growth through our small business community.


This couldn’t be a better time or a better place. The work environment is inspiring, the area is up and coming, and the program is uplifting.


We hope to foster and drive our local economy through new business creation, helping new innovative talent to build new businesses and create new opportunities for local employment.













Thehive is


Ideas and creativity, ambition and productivity thrive when a group of closely connected individuals and businesses grow together.


A collaborative workspace where like-minded people gather, work and create. The Hive is a place where new ideas will be spun, molded and nurtured. Who knows what might grow out of this, could it be the next BlackBerry?