The Hive


Offers professional development training.

"We're not just a desk".

Thehive offers professional development training by certified trainers to provide the knowledge, resources and relationships required for success.

Thehive is not going to let you enter the business world unarmed. We believe every business can achieve success, but most take strategy and skill. We plan on making sure every single small startup and small enterprise in Cambridge survives.

Here is just a small example of what we’ll be providing to our thehive participates and residents:

  • Small Business and the Law
  • HR Management
  • Business Operations
  • New Business Reality Check
  • Business Plan Review
  • Smart Goals for Business
  • Client Proposals and Contracts
  • Funding and Financing
  • Small Business Accounting
  • Know the Money: Taxes
  • The Psychology of Sales
  • The Pricing Strategies
  • Sales Fundamentals
  • Networking
  • Marketing
  • Market Research